Tax Invoice for Out of scope sales
Rakesh Chandra 21 September 2020
Hello everyone, kindly let me know if it is mandatory to issue a tax invoice for out of scope sales? ..
ESR New Penaties
Mark 09 September 2020
Hi, please advice on the recent changes in ESR penalties. Can you please share the new penalties associated with ESR? ..
Tax treatment of interest on late payment fees
Ansh Sehgal 16 August 2020
Hello, Can anyone guide on the tax treatment of interest on late payment fees. Not sure whether it will be standard rated or exempt? ..
Mismatch between TRN on Tax Invoice and company's name
Sarath Kumar 30 July 2020
Hello , would request you to advise what to be if on the invoice received, TRN is wrong but Companys name is correct. Total invoice amount is AED 5700. Can we c..
Supplies within tax group
Nabil 25 July 2020
We have firms in a tax group supplying to each other. Is there any particular format to mark these supplies for disclosing in tax return. Kindly share. Thanks ..
Amendment in Registration Certificate
Raha Ali 03 July 2020
We need to get the business activities changed.Does thisamendmentin the registrationcertificaterequire the approvalof FTA? Thank you for your answer in advance...
ESR Filing
Lou 30 June 2020
For ESR, do you need to file separately for branches in another Emirate or one filing for the LLC entity is enough? Both LLC and branches are mainland entities ..
Import and Store in relevant activities guide
Naina 22 June 2020
My question relates to ESR. The definition of distribution centre in the relevant activities guide does not contain the words import and store. Does it mean tha..
ESR and mainland entity
Chintan Kharbanda 17 June 2020
Will mainland entities that are not carrying out relevant activity also need to file the notification with ministry of economy? ..
How to treat input credit already availed
Joseph 08 June 2020
Hello everyone, We run a pharmacy shop here. While buying medicines from distributors input credit taken. However some stock of medicines remains unsold as it h..


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