Bhavya Arora

About Me

Bhavya is a Manager at Grant Thorntons Tax advisory, and has over 8 years of experience in Indirect tax advisory and compliance in the UAE, Bahrain and India while working with a diverse range of ogranisations in sectors including Real Estate, Insurance, Hospitality, Banking, manufacturing and e-Commerce. Bhavya has assisted a wide range of clients with consulting and implementing of VAT in the UAE, Bahrain and India, as well as the Excise and Customs matters in a number of sectors, but with a particular focus on Real Estate, Hospitality, Trading and Manufacturing. He has also conducted numerous VAT Health Check exercises examining the state of VAT Compliance in various organisations, performing gap analysis and producing reports recommending best practice approach. He has advised many organisations in mapping the tax structure of the ERP systems to achieve tax compliant filings and record keeping in addition to achieving systematic internal control within the business procedures. Furthermore, he has advised a number of clients established in free zones, with respect to their supply chain modeling to achieve the optimum trade benefits such as duty suspension, drawbacks, customs refunds etc.

My Contribution

Customs documentation for VAT registered traders
12 August 2020
Customs documentation for VAT registered traders
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