RCM in case of International freight which are Zero rated.


I have a query related to the Import of Services in UAE. How to report the Services received from foreign suppliers that are subject to the zero rate of VAT.
For instance, as per VAT decree law, International transport which originates or terminates within the UAE will be subject to Zero rated supplies for VAT purposes. In view of the above provision, for services received from an overseas freight forwarded against the Freight charges, the taxpayer shall disclose them under box 3 of the VAT return but if we file the return with Zero rate under box 3 then it will automatically show an error.
In that scenario please advise.




02/09/2022 14:38:29
Tejveer Singh30/09/2022 17:05:27

As per VAT return guide, Services received from foreign suppliers which are subject to the zero rate of VAT. It needs to be declared in Box No.3 and as well as in Box 10.

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