Suman Sadhwani 02 February 2023
Does the change in legal type of the entity from establishment to Sole Proprietorship LLC where the new owner is continuing with the same license number invoke ..
Input tax recoverability - branch of a foreign company
Dmitry Strukov 25 January 2023
Hello, a company is considering establishing a UAE based branch which will conduct RD activities. The branch will not generate any revenue and will be fully fin..
VAT Registration Tax group Amendment
Rahul 29 December 2022
Hi, We want to upload the updated Trade license of one of the tax group members. Do we need to submit the Tax group amendment request to the FTA or otherwise..
Tax Credit Note
Ajay 07 December 2022
Hi, We have issued a Tax credit note to one of our project-based clients in Bahrain for the project they are currently working on. By the time the project wa..
Sole Proprietorship LLC - REGISTRATION
RAMEES ALI 10 October 2022
One of my client, who owns a "Sole Proprietorship LLC" License in Abu Dhabi, recently took another license of the same kind. The first company is registered for..
RCM in case of International freight which are Zero rated.
Rahul 02 September 2022
Hi, I have a query related to the Import of Services in UAE. How to report the Services received from foreign suppliers that are subject to the zero rateof V..
Whether Restaurant Tip received considered as Out-of-Scope for VAT purposes in UAE?
Saurabh Padaliya 23 August 2022
Hi, Please confirm, whether Restaurant Tip received is considered as Out-of-Scope for VAT purposes in UAE. The taxpayer will receive thoseTips amount in both..
zero-rated basic healthcare treatment provided in a VIP room
Joseph 03 August 2022
What would be the ideal tax treatment of a basic healthcare service provided in a VIP room. No separate invoice is raised and the treatment is approved by insur..
RAKEZ company with services to KSA and billing to Dubai mainland entity
Karthik 01 June 2022
We are RAKEZ registered company providing consulatancy services to an organisation in KSA. However, the billing for this needs to be done to a Dubai mainland en..
Suman Sadhwani 23 April 2022
Dear all, the query pertains to recovery of VAT on import. If in earlier tax periods, VAT on import was not recovered in Box 10 due to missing supporting docume..


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