imports upto 1000 As per UAE VAT Law
Nusrat Abbas 21 October 2020
For UAE Vat law, imports upto 1000 are cleared and paid by courier and do not appear as reverse change for VAT Law. It is locally charged by courier companie..
VAT is being implemented either under “origin” or “destination” principle.
Nusrat Abbas 18 October 2020
If in case, company based in Designated Zone supplies goods to mainland company directly from its vendor ofmainland. The DFZ company does not take goods into DF..
Family members transactions
Muhibullah Khan 14 October 2020
Group members your opinion is required on the below.. Company ABC sole establishment registered with FTA received fund as a short term loan interest free fro..
Muhibullah Khan 14 October 2020
Hi, Group Members, Required your opinion on the below case: Company ABC sole establishment registred with FTA received fund against short term loan int..
Vat bad debt
khaled alsharqawy 29 September 2020
About two years ago, our client issue one sales tax invoice AED 10 million, but our client only get the payment of 1 million from their customer. There are 9 mi..
Interest income on Hire Purchase Agreement
CA Rahib Tinwala 28 September 2020
what will be the tax treatment on interest income earn on hire purchase agreement ?..
De registration
Saddik MP 28 September 2020
Dear Members, How do we de-register one of the group companies (parent + the only subsidiary) as the subsidiary has stopped business and the license is under..
Claim input VAT before TRN
Mark 28 September 2020
Hi, I want to know if we can claim input vat which was incurred before vat registration number was received. Thank you. ..
Refund of 50% of tourist fees paid by hotels
Sana 25 September 2020
We understand that Dubai municipality has announced that it will refund 50% of tourist fees paid by hotels, given this situation. Is there any vat implication o..
Article 33 and VAT Refund
khaled alsharqawy 24 September 2020
A client based in Dubai engaged in the business of transportation in relation to the import export activities the trade license shows the activity as Loading ..


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