Import of Goods in UAE through their Local Agent/Branch
Shatrujit Singh 03 April 2024
We are importing flowers from one company in Africa with all shipping documents in our company name. However as per signed contract, payment to be made to their..
VAT registration status "In Processing"
amy 02 January 2024
What does it mean if the VAT registeration application status show as In Processing on FTA portal? ..
GCC Tranasctions - UAE & KSA
John mathias 02 November 2023
Hi Everyone, Can I please know what is the current scenario for transactions between UAE KSA? Whether we should charge VAT to KSA customers and vice versa f..
Airline incentives to agents
Syedhamed Abdulraheem 06 June 2023
Dear Team, Airline incentive to agents are taxable @ 0% rated or commonly we have to charge 5% VAT as per UAE VAT laws. Please specify. Hamed ACCOUNTAN..
Invoice for zero rated service
Rupjyoti Gogoi 24 May 2023
Hi, Do I have an obligation to send an invoice to a business based in Europe if I sell zero-rated services to them and the reverse charge applies, even if they ..
Upload New cabinet decisions
Mohamed 23 May 2023
Hello Team, Can you upload the latest cabinet decisions. It will be helpfull. Thank you. ..
Eligibility of including Worker Visa fees as business expense
Alina 23 May 2023
Dear Sir/Madam, As a sole trader in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), I would like to understand whether worker visa fees can be booked asa part of my business..
VAT Reclaim - Personal and Private Usage
Naseer 20 May 2023
Hello, I have a question regarding reclaiming VAT on bills for my business. Specifically, I use broadband for both business and personal purposes. Is it acce..
Place of supply or Digital service supply Rule
Ali 19 May 2023
Hello Members, Given that mybusiness uploads images ona platform, and customers from all over the world pay a subscription fee to view these images, there is so..
VAT on Drop shipping business
Mohamed 17 May 2023
Hi, As a drop shipping business based here in UAE, is VAT registration required?? Any info will be useful. Thanks ..


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