Emirates Wise Sales Reporting in Return

Goods sold in Emirates of Dubai to a centrally located customer having branches across the UAE (example Lulu). The sellers also have branches in the UAE as well. The customers internally shifts goods to the respective branches and inform the Sales team of the seller and provide the amount of transfer and seller also adjust its sales in the its system in the relevant emirates as well. Currently there is no any VAT adjustment in subsequent returns of seller like transfer between emirates and Sales in VAT Return remains the same where initially goods sold in Dubai to the customer.

There should be any subsequent VAT impact on such transfers based on the customer's information? 




SAJITH NAIR25/04/2021 14:20:47

Normally there should not be an effect on the sellers reporting Emirate based on the ultimate sale made by the customer to end users. Situation may differ if the goods are sold by the seller to the customer of consignment basis since the date of supply gets triggered at a later date.

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Taiyab Dahodwala30/04/2021 01:10:15

Sir, I have Question- If In FTA Suppose in year 2018 Old owner filling Zero amount & 2019 the owner will Change So If in Future New owner go for Deregistration So he will get Penalty for filling four times zero?

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SAJITH NAIR01/05/2021 10:21:59

Taiyab Dahodwala - Zero rated supplies are Taxable supplies hence if the total value in past 12 months is above Voluntary Threshold then penalty should not be applied.

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