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Webinar : Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies In Tax Administrations

Alfredo CollosaAlfredo Collosa    10 August 2021
Webinar : Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies In Tax Administrations

We are witnessing a time of historical crisis where States need, more than ever, resources to finance the policies needed to face it.

In many countries, tax reforms are being studied, proposing either an increase in current taxes or the establishment of other new taxes.

In view of this, it seems relevant to me to analyze alternatives to make current tax systems more efficient, taking advantage of modern technology.

The present webinar explores some cases of concrete application of blockchain technology in Tax Administrations (TAs), and then formulates some ideas of its possible expansion in the near future, considering the advantages and disadvantages.

Also we are witnessing a boom in the use of cryptocurrencies as means of payment and as forms of savings and investment.

In general, they are currencies based on advanced cryptographic technologies that allow their issuance, validation, and registration in a decentralized manner.

Their acquisition, sale, use, or possession have an undeniable tax significance, however, in many countries, their tax treatment has not yet been clearly specified.

Therefore, the objective of this webinar is to try to provide some ideas of what actions the TAs should promote as a control strategy for these operations.

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Presentation on Blockchain And Cryptocurrencies In Tax Administrations has also been attached herewith

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