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Balaji Mahashabde

About Me

Balaji Mahashabde is a Chartered Accountant with over 3 decades of experience in Finance & Accounts, across several Sectors in India and GCC. Having worked in several Cities in India and in the GCC, he is currently working as a Senior Accounting Manager at MTU (Subsidiary of Rolls-Royce Power System) in Dubai.

Because of his belief that he is "possessed" by funnier bones than brainier head, he started his romance with cartooning during his school days, assuming pen name K7 (after his father's name Keshav alias Keshavan). He was influenced by Madan, a popular cartoonist with Tamil Weekly Ananda Vikatan and considers him as his Guru.

Being a workaholic and a completely domesticated person, he balances work-life, with humor. He is ever on the look-out for humor in real life, either at work in Office or at home. As such, his cartoons revolve around Finance / Accounts / Taxation, even if he keeps scouting for funnier situations in all aspects of day to day life.

He experiments his humor on his small nuclear family at Dubai, consisting of his wife Poornima (housewife) and son Roshan (12th Grader). Both have managed to survive his cartooning onslaughts.

Now, it is your turn.

My Contribution

Al Dhafra Airbase = FZE under VAT?
03 February 2021
Al Dhafra Airbase = FZE under VAT?
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