Oman - Amendments in Income Tax Law

TanviTanvi    15 September 2020
Oman - Amendments in Income Tax Law

Royal decree, No. 118/2020, has been issued in Oman which amends few provisions of the Income Tax Law.

Article (1) states that the amendments attached in this decree shall be applied to the above-mentioned Income Tax Law promulgated under Royal Decree No. 28/2009.

Article (2) the phrase “Minister of Finance”, wherever it occurs in Royal Decree No. 28/2009, shall be replaced with the phrase “Chairman of the Tax Authority”.

Article (3) cancels all that contravenes this decree or the attached amendments or contradicts with their provisions.

Article (4) says that this decree shall be published in the Official Gazette and enforced with effect from the day following its date of publication, except Article (140) of the above-mentioned Income Tax Law, which shall be enforced with effect from the tax year starting on January 1, 2020 or its succeeding tax years.

Source - Times of Oman

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