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New Interactive Glossary Launch of Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority

Posted on    13 October 2021
New Interactive Glossary Launch of Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority

Saudi Arabia's ZATCA's (Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority) newly launched glossary is considered the first interactive glossary published in a single document locally and regionally. The glossary was created following the terms and conditions mentioned in the laws and regulations of the Authority. 

The launch of the glossary was the outcome of ZATCA's continuous efforts to provide taxpayers, governmental entities, individuals, and related bodies with a definite and comprehensive reference, with accurate terms and expressions approved by the Authority to unify terms as well as facilitate their comprehension. 

The glossary contains links to improve the browsing experience.  It is organized in Arabic alphabetical order while including all the terms concerning zakat, tax, and customs in Arabic and English.

The glossary was created for awareness and educational purposes. Interested specialists, taxpayers from the business sector, students came to view the glossary. 

Finally, the Authority has emphasized that the glossary shall not substitute legal consultation and shall not be used as a legal reference, stressing that the legal provisions shall be referenced.  

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