Federal Tax Authority Introduces Tax Agents Classification Initiative to Enhance Tax Compliance

Posted on    19 May 2023
Federal Tax Authority Introduces Tax Agents Classification Initiative to Enhance Tax Compliance

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) has launched the Tax Agents Classification initiative, an innovative program designed to facilitate tax compliance for taxpayers. This provides a flexible, clear, and accurate online procedure for taxpayers to select a specialized Tax Agent suitable for their specific sector out of a comprehensive list of 10 diverse sectors. 

In a press statement, the FTA explained that the Tax Agent Classification service can be conveniently accessed through the FTA website's Authorized Tax Agents Register. By clicking on the 'Filter Agents' option, taxpayers can classify Tax Agents based on specialization or sector and choose from the agents listed in their required sector. This streamlined process simplifies the selection of a compatible Tax Agent, ensuring taxpayers receive accurate and efficient support in fulfilling their tax obligations. The FTA revealed that a total of 319 approved Tax Agents are participating in the new initiative, representing over 70% of the registered agents with the Authority.

Khalid Ali Al Bustani, Director General of the FTA, expressed the Authority's dedication to continuously enhancing services and providing innovative solutions to facilitate tax compliance. The Tax Agents Classification initiative is the result of an opinion poll and by engaging taxpayers in continuous development and modernization plans, the FTA aims to align its services with customers' actual needs, reduce transaction time, and ensure high-quality standards.

The new classification sectors for Tax Agents registered with the FTA cover a wide range of areas, including businesses subject to Value Added Tax (VAT), Corporate Tax, small and medium-sized enterprises (Muwafaq package), Excise Tax registration, registration of Warehouse Keepers and Designated Areas, Excise Goods registration, Tax Refunds for citizens building new homes and for mosques, government and charitable entities, foreign businesses (non-residents), and real estate owners.

By implementing the Tax Agents Classification initiative, the FTA expects to enhance compliance with tax requirements, such as submitting tax returns, making tax payments, and adhering to tax registration deadlines. Furthermore, the initiative aims to provide taxpayers with accurate information related to tax procedures, ensuring a smoother and more efficient tax compliance process for all stakeholders involved.

Source - https://tax.gov.ae/en/media.centre/News/federal.tax.authority.launches.tax.agents.classification.initiative.allowing.taxpayers.to.easily.select.most.compatible.tax.agent.out.of.10.listed.sectors.aspx

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