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Financial Modeling Course

By CA Agrika Khatri

Price: 19.00
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  • Video Duration: 21 Hours
  • Along with :Ebook (213 pages)
  • Language: Hinglish
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Course Curriculum

  • Welcome Onboard To This New Journey
  • Financial Analysis, Valuation and Modeling a Background
  • Careers to Pitch in After This Course
  • Program Structure
  • Income Statement Analysis
  • Modeling Issues in Case of Income Statement
  • Build Profit and Loss Account from Sratch
  • Balance Sheet Analysis and Modeling
  • Building a Balance Sheet
  • Establish Link Between All These Statements
  • Revolver Plug
  • A Detailed Discussion of a Cash Flow Statement
  • Modeling and Analysis Issues For Cash Flow Statement
  • Practical Cash Flow Statement
  • Excel Finance
  • Economy, Industry and Company Ananlysis for Financial Modeling
  • Ratio Analysis
  • The Capital Budgeting Exercise in Financial Model
  • Capital Budgeting Practice
  • Time Value of Money Exercise
  • Value Is Different From Price
  • Approaches to Valuation
  • Approaches and Elements of Valuation
  • An Introduction To First Approach
  • DCF Introductory Session
  • Power Shot for DCF

About the Training Instructor:

CA Agrika Khatri

CA Agrika is a qualified Chartered Accountant and holds experience in the Investment Banking Domain. Besides the technical professional background she has due inclination towards spiritual development and conducts programs on mind fullness, meditation and personal growth. She imparts lectures for professional examination and conducts several certification programs. Her easy way to learn mnemonic style and smart revision strategy has helped her student's crack tough professional exam.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Total Length of Videos: 21 Hrs
  • Expiry: 3 months 63 hours of viewing whichever is earlier from the date of registration.
  • Videos are meant for web viewing only and cannot be downloaded. Videos are available in Full Screen viewing
  • Course/Subject purchased once cannot be cancelled.

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