Dear Experts, Purchase of 24K pure gold will be recorded in zero rated or RCM Local and in which box it should be reported in VAT return in UAE.

SAJITH NAIR06/05/2020 19:19:35

Purchase of 24K pure gold will be a domestic zero rated purchase since it is a supply of precious metal as per Article 36 of the Executive Regulations. Cabinet Decision No. 25 of 2018 related to RCM on B2B purchases does not apply to zero rated supply of gold. Domestic zero rated purchases are not required to be reported in VAT return.

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Muhibullah Khan07/05/2020 11:26:01

noted with thanks Mr.Sajith

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Musharaf Jamal28/09/2020 22:21:21

Dear sir. if I am in not a tourist and I purchase gold then how can I claim for VAT ( personal TRN is available)

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