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5 working days notice given by FTA to submit VD on a Refund Application. On 5th Day, at 5.30pm, VD & relevant documents submitted online FTA portal. FTA rejects the Refund Application stating the required info not submitted with in time period allowed!! Q1. Does FTA have a fixed working hours for filing documents online? If so, by what time we need to upload latest? Q2. For submission of VAT Returns, I believe, Cos are allowed to upload till midnight on 28th (last day)? please advise.

Ujjwal Pawra21/01/2020 19:55:49

It would be worthwhile to check whether the date of the notice is being included or excluded in the computation of 5 working days as full days are considered for calculations. For filing of VAT returns, it can be uploaded by mid-night of 28th assuming it is a working day.

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