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Can we claim VAT if a supplier does not include our TRN on their invoice issued to us? But the supplier stated our address and all other details including their TRN correctly. Invoice total amount is less than AED 10K.

If yes, are there any threshold for these cases?

(Both supplier and customer located in Dubai)



28/06/2020 17:08:25
SAJITH NAIR28/06/2020 18:26:46

Art 59 of the Executive Regulations allows for invoices with value below AED 10k to take the form of a simplified invoice in which Customer details are not required. However as a prudent measure, would recommend to ensure that the suppliers specify your TRN on their invoices regardless of the amount.

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Ujjwal Pawra29/06/2020 21:56:56

Invoice less than AED 10k can be considered as simplified invoices. However, if information is mentioned it should be correctly mentioned. It is advisable to include TRN.

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