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I am moving from Qatar to Abu Dhabi.

I have bought some gold in Qatar (as saving) which I now want to bring to Abu Dhabi. Its several bars so over the threshold but I have all paperwork etc.

Through advice and research I know there is no tax or import to pay as its pure 24kt gold and in bullion form (as per article 36).

I asked many firms but cannot seem to get a clear answer.

Any help would be highly appreciated.




08/10/2022 06:47:16
SAJITH NAIR27/10/2022 10:30:20

Are you carrying on a business or is this gold meant for business purposes or is this personal asset? Would suggest you to get in touch with the customs clearance agent who will advise on the clearance process, whether any exemption is available under Customs rules if these are your personal assets etc.

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