Invoice for zero rated service

Hi, Do I have an obligation to send an invoice to a business based in Europe if I sell zero-rated services to them and the reverse charge applies, even if they automatically send me payment without requiring an invoice? Can I simply generate the invoice on my side for my own records? TIA

SAJITH N25/05/2023 12:06:47

A taxable person is obligated to issue a tax invoice within 14 days of date of supply under VAT Law. "Issuance" means delivery of invoice to the customer. This is required regardless of whether it is standard rated or zero rated supply and whether the customer asks for an invoice or not.

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Mohammed Alfa03/07/2023 14:03:21

If there are or will be sufficient records available to establish the particulars of a supply, a Taxable Person is not required to issue a Tax Invoice for the supply where the supply is a wholly zero-rated supply - Article 59(3) of VAT-ER

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