How Can I avoid Late Fees

Need help tax advisors. I have always paid VAT on time but this time I forgot to file my return. Now I have paid  all VAT amount but havent paid penalty. Is there a way I can avoid late fees?

Prerna Saraogi20/11/2019 17:05:45

I think so can raise a reconsideration form here in this case but most likely it will not be possible to avoid late payment fees. Reason being that the payments are not recognised until they are filed.

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Khushboo Jain20/11/2019 22:56:37

no penalty will come on portal automatically for late filing of Vat return and for late payment of tax. For penalty waiver, reconsideration can be filed to FTA under bonafide belief and it is on FTA whether to waive the penalty or not.

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