Hi, we are in the process of changing our company's name. I have confusion here :
Amey Mehta 02 April 2020
a) We need to re-register the companyin this case with the new name and continue with the same TRN? or b) Should we deregister the old company s name and the..
De- Register
Saurabh Gupta 01 April 2020
Whats the process to de register a company. We will most probably liquidate in next 1-2 months. Please advise. ..
withholding tax in oman
Arundhatee Shukla 16 March 2020
a firm registered in UAE,will be providing its services in oman for the first time. how to accommodate the withholding tax of oman. The customer is in oman. he ..
Updated list of designated zones
Anushree 12 March 2020
Hi , Can anyone please share the updated list of designated zones. One that came out in Feb. TIA ..
Input Tax Recovery and Voluntary Disclosure
Sheeba Khan 19 February 2020
Incase input tax is not claimed on time, do we need to file voluntary disclosure?? ..
Certificate from FTA for Zero Rated products
Ketan Mangla 14 February 2020
We are into zero rated products, how we can inform our customers that we have zero rated products. Does FTA issues any certificate showing we deal in Zero rated..
Reconcile differences between USD and AED exchange rates for imports
Tanvi 03 February 2020
When we import goods, the customs uses an exchange rate to convert the USD value of goods in Dirhams. However, when we pay VAT, we have to use the Central Bank ..
Taxes on Director's Service Fee
Asim 06 January 2020
Is Directors Service Fee is taxable inUAE? ..
Please help !!
Mon Rana 30 December 2019
By mistake I booked purchase invoice twice and claimed it too. Can it be reversed? Please guide how to do so. ..
Tax invoice for temporary transfer of material
Nishita 10 December 2019
We might need to transfer some material to another company on a temporary basis. We intend to take it back after sometime. The corresponding transfer is of exac..


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