Muhibullah Khan 18 October 2020
Cabinit Resolution No. (58) of 2020 on the regulation of the procedure of the Real Benficiary. 1- All company have to submit the detail to the concerned auth..
Rectify Out of Scope supplies considered as Zero Rated sale
Salma 13 October 2020
Hello, I would like to understand if there is a way to rectifyOut of Scope supplies which we have considered as Zero Rated sales? Thank you ..
Customs code sharing between Mainland and DZ
Harsh Sharma 03 October 2020
Hi, Kindly advise if theres any tax implications if a company which is in Designated Zone uses the customs code of the Mainland company to clear the goods. ..
Exit Document for Exports
Anil Kumar 14 September 2020
Dear Readers, I would like to know what all documents are required to be submittedwith FTA for the purposeof trearting exports as zero rated. I understand that ..
ESR Notification
Muhibullah Khan 10 September 2020
Group Members, Kindly advise with references, If Entities wholly owned by UAE residents are required to submit ESR notification ? If yes than what is t..
Documents for imports from Designated Zone
Tanmay Lal 22 August 2020
Hello, kindly let us know what documents are required to be maintained for imports from a Designated Zone into UAE. Thanks! ..
Input tax credit on gifts
Aahana Biswas 12 August 2020
Is ITC available on goods which are disposed of by way of gift? ..
TDRC Application
Ayesha Shyam 27 July 2020
Hello Members, Do we need a lawyer to file clarifications and aplications with TDRC in UAE? ..
Documents for Penalty Reconsideration
Sana 10 July 2020
Hi. Request you to please let me know whatdocuments have to be submitted while requesting for a Penalty Reconsideration in UAE? ..
Input tax recoverability for catering services
Anuj Gupta 03 July 2020
A workshop for a smallgroup was hosted by our organisation. Where basic catering was provided by us free of charge. I would like to know whether input tax incur..


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