Certificate from FTA for Zero Rated products

We are into zero rated products, how we can inform our customers that we have zero rated products. Does FTA issues any certificate showing we deal in Zero rated products?

SAJITH NAIR15/02/2020 12:47:15

FTA does not issue certificate for that. One needs to evaluate whether their supply is zero rated or not based on the Law. You can share the relevant provisions of the Law with your customer.

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Naina Gupta15/02/2020 21:14:52

No, FTA doesn't issue Nything like that. And customer doesn't need to be informed for this

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Naishad soneta16/02/2020 01:49:54

FTA does not issue any certificate to certify the zero rating of products. The products which are zero rated have been specifically identified in the Law and / or Cabinet decisions (say for healthcare). Also, if you're not sure as to whether the products you're dealing into are zero rated or the industry has adopted different positions, you may choose to file a clarification with the FTA for determining the applicale rate of VAT.

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