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Group members, required your opinion on the below . AZ investment received advance in 2008 aed 8m from ABC against investment in building. building completed in 2011 and rented half portion to the same company ABC for 8m till 2025. what will be the tax treatment. Regards Muhib

SAJITH NAIR18/01/2021 11:30:54

VAT will be applicable for the rental period from 2018 onwards.

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Muhibullah Khan18/01/2021 12:53:20

Dear Sujit, vat is applicable in one payment or yearly payments

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SAJITH NAIR18/01/2021 15:07:45

For prudence, i would suggest apportioning based on rental period regardless of whether it is one payment or yearly payment.

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Muhibullah Khan19/01/2021 10:53:57

thank you Mr. Sajith for your time and support

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Parth Sharma27/01/2021 23:05:08

the VAT will be applicable basis the nature of building, viz, residential or commercial. if it is residential building used for labour accommodation then the rentals should be exempt. The tax point should be earliest of invoice generation or the receipt of payment . if the invoices or receipt are in arrears for more than 1 year then the rent should be accounted at the end of 1 year from the period of lease.

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