Dr. Mujeeb Ahmed Baig 07 August 2022
Does VAT apply to buy and import of Ambulance vehicle to saudi Arabia from UAE? ..
zero-rated basic healthcare treatment provided in a VIP room
Joseph 03 August 2022
What would be the ideal tax treatment of a basic healthcare service provided in a VIP room. No separate invoice is raised and the treatment is approved by insur..
Karthik 01 June 2022
We are RAKEZ registered company providing consulatancy services to an organisation in KSA. However, the billing for this needs to be done to a Dubai mainland en..
Suman Sadhwani 23 April 2022
Dear all, the query pertains to recovery of VAT on import. If in earlier tax periods, VAT on import was not recovered in Box 10 due to missing supporting docume..
VAT and accrued revenue
Samantha Sharon 19 April 2022
Hi, This is a query re VAT and accrued revenue. Could you please advice whether a VAT liability will arise on a revenue accrual in KSA and UAE? Or will a VAT..
Real Estate Agent commission
Muhamed Ashique 30 March 2022
A Real estate company jointly with an individual (another agent) closed a deal and earned AED 10000 as commission. However, the developer paid AED 10000 toth..
Financial lease
Navya Agarwal 21 March 2022
Can financial leasing activity in UAE be practiced without a license from the central bank? ..
Transportation : Out of Scope or Zero rated
Muhamed Ashique 21 March 2022
A transport company in UAE providing Transportation Service from KSA to UAE for a UAE Client Note: Article (22)(1) - For the Supply of transportation Servic..
Import of pure gold
Rahib Tinwala 23 February 2022
The comapny which is in the business of trading gold and jewelleryimported Pure Gold from outside UAE. The import of pure gold reflected in Box 6 of VAT Return ..
Input Tax Apportionment working
Nusrat Abbas 29 December 2021
In case where a companysupplies/charge the following expenses to its associates/customers andthe difference between what is input tax already claimed in the tax..


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