How to De-Register VAT in the UAE

Alia NoorAlia Noor    20 February 2020
How to De-Register VAT in the UAE

As per Article 21 of the UAE Decree-Law read with Article 14 of Executive Regulation, Registrant of VAT with Federal Tax Authority (FTA) can apply for VAT De-registration if any of below conditions are met :

1- If registrant of VAT stops making Taxable Supplies & does not expect to make any such supplies over the next 12 month period;

2- If VAT registrant total value of taxable supplies or expenses incurred have not exceeded the voluntarily_registration_threshold i.e AED 187,500 in the next 12 months after registration & they expect will not exceed AED 187,500 during the next 30 day period.


  • The company should apply for de-registration within 20_business_days from the date on which the taxable supplies fall below AED 187,500. Late submission will attract penalty of AED 10,000
  • After approval FTA shall cancel the registration with effect from the last day of the Tax Period during which the Registrant has met the conditions for de-registration or from such other date as may be determined by the Authority
  • Registrant shall not be de-registered unless he has paid all Tax & Administrative_Penalties outstanding & filed all due Tax Returns under the Decree-Law and the Federal Law No 7 of 2017 on Tax Procedures

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