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How tax automation supports your tax team

Thomson ReutersThomson Reuters    14 May 2021
How tax automation supports your tax team

Tax automation may sound like a huge leap for your organisation, but it really doesn’t have to be. It’s an opportunity to save your tax team from the time-consuming paperwork and complex spreadsheets that can create delays, discrepancies and compliance gaps.

With a user-friendly tax automation solution that connects easily to your existing ERP platforms and other IT systems, you can give your in-house tax team the tools and support they need to work faster and more accurately.

As a result, your tax team will have more hours in the day to do the work that adds the most value to the business, safe in the knowledge that indirect tax processes are running efficiently and in compliance with all relevant rules and laws.

Here are the 10 ways automation can elevate your tax team: Read now


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