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FTA guidelines on automotive sector

Dilip JainDilip Jain    05 July 2021
FTA guidelines on automotive sector

FTA VAT Guidance on automotive sector ( VATGAM1)

The guide is applicable for supplies made by motor vehicle dealers in the UAE:

  1. supply of new cars
  2. the supply of used/ second-hand cars
  3. supplies under warranty
  4. the export and import of cars.


VAT treatment in various scenarios:



Sale of cars

Tax rate

Date of supply/ when to charge tax- earliest of


Outright sales



  • the date on which the car is transferred to the customer;
  • the date on which the customer took possession of the car;
  • the date of receipt of payment; or
  • the date of issuance of a tax invoice



Outright sales but periodic payments

or consecutive invoices,




  • the date of issuance of a tax invoice;
  • the date payment is due as shown on the tax invoice;
  • the date of receipt of payment.

(1.VAT will only be due to the extent of the payment made or stated on the tax invoice

2. it does not exceed one year from the provision of the car )



Time to issue Tax invoice



A tax invoice must be issued within 14 days of the date of supply .

  1. tax invoice must also be delivered to the customer.



Disbursement cases-

No Vat


  1. and on behalf of a Designated Government Entity (e.g. Transport Authority / Department) for provision of a Sovereign Activity.


  1. amount should be clearly identified on the tax invoice



Hire-purchase arrangements




Stages of tax liability


  1. motor vehicle trader to the finance company
  2. finance company to the customer



  1. Vehicle Trader



issue a tax invoice to the finance company for sale price



  1. company



  1. the hire instalments which are subject to VAT





  1. the interest amounts which are exempt for VAT





  1. finance charge is included in the total amount payable as installments


Hire-purchase arrangements- consecutive invoices


Article 26 of the Decree-Law:


and when it issues invoices





If  payments are received prior to issuance of the invoices


Hire-purchase arrangements- Repossession of cars

Out of scope

no supply takes place for VAT purposes on account of repossession of the car and therefore no VAT implications arise at this point





finance company may have issued tax invoice(s) to a customer for a certain period but is not able to collect the debt before repossessing the car- adjust the output tax under the Bad Debt Scheme


Trade in an old car for a new car


two separate supplies:


  1. The sale of the new car to the customer; and
  2. The customer’s sale of the old car to the motor vehicle trader.



sale of the new car


no net-off the trade-in value of the old car against the sales price of the new car.


Price display- inclusive of Vat


must display, advertise, publish or quote VAT-inclusive prices with a stipulation that the price includes VAT.


Price display- exclusive of Vat


(a) Where the supply of car is for export; and

(b) Where the customer is registered for VAT


Sale to govt. diplomats

5% (Vat refund scheme)

foreign governments, international organisations, diplomatic bodies and missions, or an official thereof

can seek a refund of such VAT incurred under the special VAT refund  scheme


Used car sale


sale is made by a VAT registered supplier


Lease of cars


contract will involve periodic payments or consecutive invoices, tax invoice to be raised on earliest of :

  • the date of issuance of a tax invoice;
  • the date payment is due as shown on the tax invoice;
  • the date of receipt of payment


Salik charges


The recharge of such a cost is subject to VAT and should be included in the taxable value of the supply


Export of cars




Export by trader


Conditions to satisfy:

  • The cars are physically exported outside UAE .
  • Official and commercial evidence of export or customs suspension is retained by the exporter i.e. the motor vehicle trader.


Overseas customer arranges export


  • The cars are physically exported outside UAE .
  • Official and commercial evidence of export or customs suspension is provided  by the overseas trader to  the exporter i.e. the motor vehicle trader.
  • The cars are not used or altered in the time between supply and export




  • Official evidence-exit certificate or a similar document evidencing the export.
  • Commercial evidence- airway bills, bills of lading, consignment notes, and certificates of shipments


Multiple sale transaction of cars


  • only the final supply can be zero-rated


  • If Y is acting as an agent to export the car on behalf of X to Mr. A in USA, the export documents must demonstrate this fact clearly, for example, in the remarks section of the customs declaration



Purchase returns after import


  • On import- accounted for import vat and input claimed in Box 10.
  • On return, dealer to make a negative adjustment in box 7 and box 10 of the VAT return of the tax period in which the car is returned and exported out of the UAE


Warranty claims




Warranty Included in car sale price

Out of scope

the supplier would not charge any extra fees for the warranty repair services provided during the specified period, no further VAT implications will arise at the time of providing the actual repair services.

input tax incurred on carrying out the warranty repair services will be recoverable since it was incurred in the making of taxable supplies.


Warranty separately purchased


The supplier accordingly needs to account for VAT on the supply of the extended warranty. The actual repair services provided during the additional period would, however, not attract VAT


Reimbursement of repair costs by distributors from manufacturers




warranty services

Out of scope

distributor’s warranty for no extra charge is treated as a composite supply




The supply made by the distributor under a warranty arrangement with the manufacturer is a separate supply for VAT purposes


reimbursement of costs


reimbursement of costs by UAE distributors from overseas manufacturers to carry out warranty repairs is subject to VAT at 5%. Reason-The service is being supplied directly in connection goods situated in the UAE.






Auctioneer- as marketplace - disclosed agency


Sales is by principal agent to customer




auctioneer will charge a commission for auctioning services


Free promotional gifts




Input Tax recovered


Where the motor vehicle trader recovers input tax on the purchase of the gift and in turn supplies such a gift free of charge, the free supply will be subject to the deemed supply 12provisions


Input Tax not recovered

Out of scope

the deemed supply provisions will not 13apply.






Discount to customer

Out of scope

Vat charged only on the discounted price.

tax invoice issued by the motor vehicle trader must clearly state the discount offered to the customer in order to account for VAT on the discounted value.


volume discount / bulk discount

Out of scope

manufacturer should clearly state the discount on the invoice.


discount on achieving a sales target


  • Where the discount/payment actually reduces the original value of the car, the manufacturer should issue a credit note to reduce the value
  • if the discount/payment is received because the motor vehicle dealer has performed a specific activity, the motor vehicle dealer should issue a tax invoice and charge VAT at the appropriate rate depending on the nature of the supply.


Demo Car




Genuine Reduced price


The original manufacturer should issue a credit note to reduce the original sales price- for discount


Price reduction for Marketing services


motor vehicle trader will be required to issue a tax invoice


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