EMARA TAX: A Comprehensive Tax Platform for Enhanced Tax Compliance in the UAE

Anu GoelAnu Goel    03 March 2023
EMARA TAX: A Comprehensive Tax Platform for Enhanced Tax Compliance in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been making strides towards building a modern and efficient tax system that supports the country's economic growth and development. One of the critical components of this effort is the introduction of the EMARA TAX platform, which is designed to make tax compliance more convenient and efficient for taxpayers.

EMARA TAX is a one-stop-shop for all tax-related activities, from registration and filing to payment and refunds. The platform offers a user-friendly interface, with a range of online tools and resources to help taxpayers understand their tax obligations and manage their affairs more effectively. It is accessible from any device, allowing taxpayers to access their tax records and manage their accounts on the go.

The platform is also integrated with other government entities, such as the UAE Central Bank and national technology-based programs like UAE PASS. This integration is aimed at streamlining the user experience and making it easier for taxpayers to comply with their tax obligations. For instance, taxpayers can access EMARA TAX using their UAE PASS credentials, eliminating the need for separate login credentials.

One of EMARA TAX's primary benefit is its ability to provide a comprehensive overview of a taxpayer's obligations. This feature ensures smooth interaction with all stakeholders, optimizes administrative services, connects to a variety of key taxpayer services, and results in more effective processes and a better taxpayer experience. The platform also provides an Excel version of the VAT return, making it easier for taxpayers to submit their returns online.

EMARA TAX also enables taxpayers to access and track their entire activity history, track the status of all their filed FTA applications, and examine all of their correspondence with the FTA in one place. The platform automates and grants deregistration upon filing the last VAT return with the FTA-approved deregistration commencement, provided there are no outstanding taxpayer dues. Individuals who deregistered because their taxable supplies fell below the mandatory or voluntary threshold can reactivate their Tax Registration Number (TRN) via the action menu.

In conclusion, the EMARA TAX platform is an important step towards building a modern and efficient tax system in the UAE. The platform provides a range of digital services that make tax compliance more convenient and efficient, while also offering support services and educational resources to help taxpayers better understand their obligations. As the UAE continues to develop its tax system, platforms like EMARA TAX will play a vital role in supporting compliance and improving overall efficiency.


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